KiwipWatch, the smart watch phone for kids!

The autonomous phone
fun and interactive,
thought for children

Available in 5 colors!

Allows kids to communicate safely


Intuitive touch screen allows kids to navigate quickly and easily.

Voice chat allows your child to share their daily emotions with their loved ones by sending a message with a single press. That simple!

Customisable face  with numerous wallpapers to choose from.

The watch can  communicate with a large number of contacts, pre-installed from the parent app.


Accurate location in real time, both indoors and out.

Geolocation authorisation – only contacts authorised by the Administrator can see the child’s location.

Customisation of safe routes  When your child travels about on their own, parents can define a recommended route.

Display of 2D and 3D maps.

SOS Mode

KiwipWatch has a shortcut call button (SOS). The child triggers a loop call  by simply pressing the button. The KiwipWatch calls all the trusted contacts one after the other until one of them is successfully connected. SOS mode also offers parents the option of street view giving them a 360° view  of their child’s position.

Kiwipi, the virtual pet that accompanies them

For the child’s well-being, Kiwipi is designed to support them on a daily basis and make them responsible by encouraging them to exercise more. Kiwipi is fed on the physical activity of the child.

Best Friend and collective challenge

Just like adults, kids can independently add their friends who have a KiwipWatch by enabling the “Best Friend” function. They can then communicate with each other and set exercise challenges for each other.

School Mode

Enabling this function disables all the phone functions so your child can stay focused in class. The KiwipWatch becomes a normal watch but remains geolocated, and the SOS button can also be triggered.

Discover the other KiwipWatch features

Voice Chat

Your child can send and receive voice calls from friends and family added to their contact list.

Safe zones

The parent is notified when their child enters or leaves a zone defined in the application.


On the home screen, your child can look at the weather and outside temperature, helping them decide what to wear in the morning.


KiwipWatch also has an alarm so the child becomes more independent and learns to get themselves up in the morning.

Customizable Clock

Your child can choose from among 25 wallpapers. The watch has a digital or analogue time display depending on the child’s reading level.

Rain Resistant

The Kiwip watch phone has been designed to resist water in kids’ everyday lives and is IP 65 rated.

KiwipWatch operates with a SIM card. Choose the solution that meets your needs

KiwipWatch Plan

Unlimited plan (voice & data), 12 month commitment, €9.99/month, free SIM card

In partnership with Bouygues Telecom, the unlimited (voice & data) Kiwip plan is specifically designed for residents in mainland France. It is exclusive to the KiwipWatch. This unlimited plan in France, Monaco and Europe Zone 1* includes calls, voice messages, as well as access to the platform and Kiwip mobile app (geolocation, data backup, secure server in France).
*Europe Zone 1: Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland

Operator free

At no extra charge

If you already have a phone plan or if you would rather not transfer to us, that’s absolutely fine. You can enjoy your KiwipWatch by simply inserting a Nano SIM from the operator of your choice out of Bouygues, Orange, SFR or Free.

However, the twin SIM cards associated with a bundle are not compatible with the KiwipWatch, same for the prepaid cards. You need a dedicated phone plan.